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1. What do you need to do to get a divorce in the State of Illinois?

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        2. What is the Solace Journey?

3. If mediation is so much better than litigation, why do people tell me I need to litigate my divorce?

4. After practicing law for 15 years, why do you believe the court system causes so much destruction?

5. Do I need to use an attorney during the mediation process?

6. How long will the Solace journey take?

7. How much will the Solace journey cost?

8. How will my children be affected?

9. Is it really true that I can have an inspiring divorce journey that will enable me to learn, heal, and grow from this extremely emotionally difficult experience at a fraction of the cost, time, and stress of the court system AND have my kids be positively impacted?

10.  I am nervous about using mediation because I am concerned that I will not get what I deserve. How it is possible that I do not need to litigate to get what I deserve?

11. What other services and support do you offer?