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YOU will learn all relevant provisions of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act and be empowered to create the agreements in your legal documents that are in the best interests of your children and the marital property division that is fair and equitable to your unique marriage!

YOU will transition from marriage to co-parents in a mindful manner that helps you to create the type of co-parenting relationship, and co-parenting upbringing you want for your children!

YOU will be in control of your process and can make the choice to view it as a time of great discomfort that is providing you with the opportunity to learn as much as you can about yourself, heal from all past traumas and experiences that are blocking you, and grow into the extraordinary person you are meant to be!

The Solace mediation process begins with two hour mediation sessions and ends with the one and only court date required to legally dissolve the bonds of matrimony and transform all of the agreements made in the mediation process into court orders.

By taking the Solace mediation journey

THERE IS ONE GOVERNING STATUTE FOR DIVORCE IN THE STATE OF ILLINOIS. The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act is the governing law in the State of Illinois that serves as the foundation of your journey. Meaning, the mediation process is not a free-for-all, the governing statute serves as our guide and contains provisions that directly address every issue in your case. You are entitled to the same things inside court, utilizing litigation, as you are outside of court and being in control of your journey, utilizing mediation.

1.The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act

The two most powerful things to know when going through a divorce in the State of Illinois is
the following: 

You need to go to court one time for your final prove-up hearing which is necessary to legally dissolve the bonds of matrimony and transform your mediated agreements into court orders. Your assigned Judge will review the agreements you made in mediation zoom room and ensure that they are in accordance with the law. Meaning, there is a checks and balance system in place to ensure that your agreements are fair and equitable.


Giving you the power to control your divorce journey!


Children are the heart of the Solace process. It is a choice made by each parent individually and together to allow divorce to negatively affect your children.
By utilizing the Solace process you and your spouse can fully embrace your power as the absolute BEST authorities to determine what is in the best interest of your children. You two have known them since you first learned you were pregnant and they were the size of a pencil tip. You know your children better than anyone else!
Embrace your power! You do NOT need to relinquish this power and allow to a random stranger seated elevated in the front of the courtroom, wearing a robe, and answering to the name “Judge” make decisions regarding your children for you.
Solace mediators help you successfully transition from a broken “marriage” relationship to a forever “co-parenting” relationship by creating a solid foundation of communication, trust, and

We focus on the children

Putting Children first!

You are always a family… just a different family than you were before.
Embrace your power and take control of your divorce journey. You can do this!

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I'm so grateful for Jen and her warm and loving presence during the entire divorce process. She guided my ex and I through the overwhelm and I was able to shift my perspective from one of ffear and confusion, to one of hope and gratitude. I was able to see my ending marriage in a new light, revealing how much I grew as a person from this experience. A very different approach than most divorce horror stories.
Thank you so much Jen! 


Jen brings her unique and palpable positive energy, love and spirit to mediation along with her
groundedness in the legal aspects of the process – which in the end result in an equitable, less
costly, win-win-win scenario for her clients and their families.


Jen is professional yet personal in her approach when helping divorcing couples move throughan already stressful and difficult time. She is truly dedicated to helping the family unit gothrough the process in a healthy and life enhancing way.

A Client Handbook to fully manage your expectations from start to finish, thus eliminating the uncertainty of divorce and other family law issues.

A free Solace Toolbox with gifts to help you balance your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodily systems

Two hour mediation sessions

A Range of Fees Agreement with accompanying Menu for Services that puts YOU in control of the cost of your journey- no surprise fees

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