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We have heard our clients loud and clear...
Solace is now a 100% virtual Zoom mediation practice!

Our clients have shared some of the reasons they LOVE being virtual:

1. Efficient use of your time because you don't need to travel to meetings.

2. You are not in the physical presence of your partner, which eliminates being emotionally triggered by the way he/she acts and energetically feels. 

3. You attend meetings from a space that makes you feel safe, supported and secure.

Our clients find it easier to share their truth, and as a result, we have found that Virtual Mediation greatly reduces the number of mediation sessions required for you to meet you goals.

Solace is 100% virtual

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NOUN: Comfort or consolation in a time of distress or sadness


client love


Jen- Thank you so much for all your help and encouragement during our LONG divorce process.  It has taken us years to get here.  You have truly made a hard life changing event into something that can remain positive.   
Harry and I have always gotten along through our separation and remained friends...thank you for helping us keep it that way.  
Thank you for your kind words and super positive attitude through this process.  


Jen was great in making us feel like it would not be overwhelming and that everything would turn out okay. She was also an excellent mediator when it was needed, such as when we were working out our maintenance agreement.  


I noticed Solace Divorce Mediation on the mom's e-mail page of Facebook and a couple of people I knew liked their page, so I read some more on the website. I was hoping that we did not have to go through all of the difficult stages again, but we did not need to do it. Jen did a great job keeping the conversation at a higher level, making sure we understood all of the legal requirements and that we were being fair in our discussions and decisions. I appreciated the longer meetings, which allowed for ease and efficiency in tasks to be completed. I appreciated the ease that Jen had with the court system and her knowledge of the judges. At my most tense, the day of the divorce through Zoom (because of Covid-19) and my inability to get onto the call, Jen smoothed over the difficulties with the connection and the judge and the divorce proceeded. Afterward, she was supportive and consoling. I consider myself down to earth and appreciated many of the recommendations, plant and box offered