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the Solace Divorce

Solace understands that divorce is more than just a legal process—it is a journey of profound transformation and growth. Our experienced divorce mediators are here to guide you through every aspect of this journey, offering support, compassion, and guidance every step of the way.

When you use Solace to go through your divorce process, you can proceed with your divorce confidently, knowing that every step will be carried out correctly and in accordance with the law.

For individuals like you who are open to thinking outside the box and trusting your inner guidance, our mediation process offers a path towards resolution that honors your values and aspirations. We recognize that divorce can be one of the hardest experiences in life, but we believe that it can also be an opportunity for positive change.

Our mediators are committed to creating a supportive environment where you can explore your options, express your needs, and work towards a resolution that aligns with your vision for the future. We understand that you never expected to be facing divorce, and we're here to help you navigate this transition with gentleness and care.

  • 8 Week Journal Prompts
  • 76 Page Divorce Workbook
  • Tips & Tools for Well-Being
  • Optional Offerings: Reiki Sessions and Akashic Record Readings Through Taproot.

To fully manage expectations on cost, all Solace divorce journeys are billed as flat fees. You will not incur hourly billing or hidden costs. 

  • Set-up and Full Access to Case Management and Legal Software
  • Two 1:1 30 Minute Divorce Coaching Sessions with Jen Mitchell
  • Solace Legal Client Handbook 
  • Solace Emotional Client Handbook
  • One 1 Hour Onboarding session 
  • Karmic Cord Cutting Virtual Ceremony Following Prove-up
  • One 2 Hour 30 Minute Mediation Session
  • Preparation of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
  • Preparation of Support Calculations and Marital Property Division Reports
  • Drafting of all Required Legal Documents Pursuant to State Governing Law
  • Revisions as Needed
  • E-signing of all Documents
  • E-filing with the Clerk of the Circuit Court
  • Secure the One and Only Prove Up Hearing Required to Legally Dissolve the Bonds of Matrimony.



onboardIng & SUPPORT

flat fee solace divorce journeys


  • Divorce Coaching
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • No Hourly Billing

* Additional mediation sessions may be required for families with children under 15 yrs of age and/or couples who require additional time to work through the division of marital property.

required legal process

  • Legal Document Review Zoom to Ensure Understanding of the Legal Documents Prior to Appearing in Court.

* All legal work is outsourced to an independent legal practice and the fees are included in the Solace Flat Fee.

$3,250.00 per person

* Additional Mediation Session(s)
$800.00 per person
* Incremental Invoicing

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Why do we believe the court system causes so much destruction? 

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my mediation process?

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client tools for healing during your divorce journey

DIVORCE WITH LOVE master class

When that time comes, we want to you feel empowered to know you have choices in how you consciously divorce your spouse, how you can prioritize your children and how you can be in control of the decisions you make about your future.
Our Master Class removes the smoke and mirrors about divorce and gives you a step-by-step program on how to understand the legal and emotional process getting a divorce and how you can grow and heal from the experience.

educate yourself, empower yourself and love your life...the time to get started is right now!
Click here for more information about our master class.

Learn the emotional and legal aspects of divorce to save yourself money, time, your health and well-being, and the integrity of your family.

Please watch the Solace "Divorce 101"
video to help manage your expectations and provide a foundational understanding of the divorce process and your options:

client love


I'm so grateful for Jen and her warm and loving presence during the entire divorce process. She guided my ex and I through the overwhelm and I was able to shift my perspective from one of fear and confusion, to one of hope and gratitude. I was able to see my ending marriage in a new light, revealing how much I grew as a person from this experience. A very different approach than most divorce horror stories.
Thank you so much Jen! 


Jen brings her unique and palpable positive energy, love and spirit to mediation along with her
groundedness in the legal aspects of the process – which in the end result in an equitable, less
costly, win-win-win scenario for her clients and their families.


Jen is professional yet personal in her approach when helping divorcing couples move throughan already stressful and difficult time. She is truly dedicated to helping the family unit gothrough the process in a healthy and life enhancing way.


Jen is professional yet personal in her approach when helping divorcing couples move throughan already stressful and difficult time. She is truly dedicated to helping the family unit gothrough the process in a healthy and life enhancing way.


Thank you for the reminder and all your help/support along this journey, it is greatly appreciated. I am happy that I was able to locate such a strong, sincere, and patient person to assist me. I wish you continued success and happiness, as the world needs more people like you.


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