“Having my children changed the course of my career. They made me realize that a broken family law court system was destroying families."

Jen Mitchell, creator

It is an honor to connect with you through our website. It is my life’s passion to help people free themselves from the cages that we have been socially programed to believe we must live within. When you are in the heaviness and darkness of a relationship status change it is not easy to see the beauty, and that is where Solace can help you!

I am a certified Integrative Health & Wellness Coach and have been practicing Law since 2006. I served as an Illinois litigation attorney for the first nine years. I saw the emotional, financial, mental, physical, and spiritual destruction the courtroom setting causes to people and families. Having my three children opened my soul to understanding the devastation my role as a litigation attorney was causing to children, families, people, and the negative ripple effect into the World.
For the past nine years I have been obsessed with creating a NEW way for couples to resolve their family law issues, one that is rooted in mindfulness, love, and respect and directing their focus towards  empowerment and growth. My mission is to change the way people view and experience times of difficulty in their relationships and help them to use the darkness as a catalyst to change any aspect of their life that is not serving their highest and greatest expression of self!

Children are the heart of Solace. I do not want one additional child to be negatively affected by relationship changes. I see the change as a very empowering experience for children and am excited to share with you some powerful narratives and activities to explore with your kids as you navigate through your journey. The foundation of Solace is self-care and self-love, for you need to take good care of yourself as you are going through one of the most emotionally difficult experiences of your life. The soul of Solace is authenticity, which is loving yourself enough to share your truth in a kind and respectful manner.

I would be honored to take the Solace journey with you and share the tools and resources to help free you from any cages you have built around yourself, and free yourself to live the life of your dreams! Sending you much love and light as you travel through your journey.

All Solace offerings are from our heart space to yours, and help guide you through any change in relationship status. We know that some relationship spaces can be extremely dark and scary and can cause you to feel very intense and heavy feelings. The Solace journeys and coaching help you shift from a space of overwhelm and stress to a high vibrational space of empowerment and growth.

The root of every Solace journey is healing. We guide you towards healing the belief systems that have been in place since your childhood or from the social consciousness that are blocking you from living an authentic and happy life, and replacing them with NEW belief systems that serve your highest and greatest expression of self. The resources and tools you will learn can be applied to any difficult and dark time in your life, and will help you view your life from a space that everything is happening FOR you, to learn from, heal from, and grow from, and it is all beautiful.

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