I am a family law mediator, attorney, restorative justice practitioner, founder of an action research organization focused on school culture and climate, divorced person, partner of a true renaissance man, and parent to two kiddos who are my greatest gifts.The through line in my work is to meet people where they are and to serve their very human needs to feel safe, supported, connected, to be listened to and heard without judgment, and have the opportunity to thrive. I have witnessed in others and experienced myself that having one’s individual and collective needs met is transformative; it creates the conditions to be happy,
healthy, and fulfilled as our authentic selves.As a lawyer, I represented clients in prisons, juvenile delinquency, in schools, and in foster care –systems whose common responsibility is to people’s wellbeing. In each of these contexts, however, I saw that our legal systems and, specifically, the litigation that drives them, are antithetical to serving people’s needs. They often make difficult and sometimes tragic circumstances worse. The system set up to handle family conflict is no different; as a system that focuses on fault, blame, and keeping score, how could it be?Fortunately, there was another way. I refocused my work on the actual people who comprise our systems (including the family system) and their relationships with each other. Grounded in social emotional learning and restorative justice, I became an advocate for the conditions necessary to support people to lead and serve wherever they are with empathy, compassion, vulnerability, and courage.To support others to live authentically with vision and integrity, I had to do the same for myself.For so many reasons, my marriage did not meet my needs and closing that chapter was necessary. I wouldn’t change a thing. My marriage gave me my children who tether me to myself and to the world, and give me the courage to ask for what I need. Caring for them- and their caring for me - permits me to be the independent, curious, and idealistic person I am. Divorce mediation is a natural extension of my training, my lived experiences, and my passions. Together, let’s do divorce differently. I’m excited to meet you.

“My children changed the course of my career and their existence made me realize that my participation as a litigation attorney in a broken family law court system was destroying children, people, families, and the World..”

Jen Mitchell

All difficult times present in our lives for a reason, we are meant to learn, heal, and grow from them. Divorce is one of the most difficult emotional experiences you will go through in you lifetime and it is also one of the most extraordinary opportunities for growth. Self-care and self-love are essential tools to help you emerge from your divorce journey significantly stronger than you went in!

Jen Mitchell is a family law mediator, life coach, attorney, author, speaker, and the creator of Solace Divorce Mediation. Jen’s mission is to transform the social stigma of divorce from a low level energy experience, to a powerfully transformational high level energy experience.
Jen earned her undergraduate degree from University of Wisconsin – Madison, with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Political Science in 1999, and earned her Juris Doctorate from DePaul University College of Law in 2006.
Through working with hundreds of clients and going through her own divorce, Jen understands that divorce and separation is not just about the couple, as it directly impacts their children, extended families, circles of friends, colleagues, and every other person in connection with them throughout their journey. Jen wholeheartedly provides her clients with the love, resources, tools, skills, and knowledge necessary to learn, heal, and grow through their family law conflict setting her clients up for success in their NEW life experience!


Sarah Schriber

Jennifer Downing is a Certified Family Mediator and Life Coach, Award Winning visionary artist, Certified Process Artist, International Intuitive reader and divorced single mother.  
 As a trauma survivor, Jennifer has personally seen the unexpected gifts that struggle and suffering has offered. Her mission in life is to uncover ways to transform pain and conflict into purpose and self-empowerment.

While married, Jennifer learned her capacity for love included women when she fell in love with her best friend. Exposing her vulnerability to the world and coming out as a queer psychic medium was one of the most terrifying undertakings, but also one of the most liberating.

Jennifer and her previous husband found Solace Divorce Mediation while looking for an alternative method to the traditional divorce litigation. By virtue of gratitude and calm negotiation through Solace mediation, she was able to have the divorce she knew was possible. 

Jennifer's divorce journey provided her the opportunity to cultivate a deeper authenticity within herself and towards the world.
Co-parenting through the lens of compassion, respect and love, Jennifer and her ex-husband have found a healthy balance in raising their two children. Jennifer is thrilled to now join the Solace team, combining both her personal experience with divorce mediation and co-parenting, as well as her passion for intuitive guidance to assist those seeking clarity. 

jennifer downing

Elizabeth Capua is a family law mediator and a licensed professional counselor. Originally from Southern California she is a single mother of 3 children who has experienced divorce and the loss of a partner first hand. After the death of her partner, Elizabeth put herself through grad school and finished, receiving a masters in mental health counseling. Elizabeth has worked in the mental health field for the past 15 years.

Currently she is working on a behavioral health inpatient unit in a hospital. Elizabeth is working on her clinical hours for her license so she can begin seeing clients in a private practice setting.Elizabeth has learned a lot through grief and single motherhood that can be so beneficial for her work with newly single parents and going through the mediation process. She has a naturally calm and inviting personality that allows for clients to really feel comfortable working with her. Elizabeth understands the importance that comfort and rapport bring to the relationship that is established between mediator and clients. She is empathic and an active listener that really has her heart in helping others achieve fulfillment in their life experience.Elizabeth is so excited to be a part of the Solace Team where her core beliefs are completely aligned with the meditation process, in addition to her work as a licensed counselor to help clients find their proper path through their life journey.

Elizabeth Capua

The Solace mediators recognize that divorce is just as much a legal process as it is an emotional process, and we know how overwhelming, scary, and
uncomfortable the beginning stages of divorce can be.
All four Solace mediators have been through our own divorce journeys and we are all committed to creating a strong co-parenting relationship and family
for the benefit of our lives and the lives of our children.
Let us help you navigate through your fears by providing you with the information you need to be in control of your divorce journey and not relinquish that control to a Judge! We are dedicated to helping you create the agreements that are best for your unique marriage and helping you to emerge from your divorce significantly stronger and more aligned with self than when you started!

I am a powerful being and can create the life of my dreams

 I have all the tools within me to succeed

I am grateful for everything

Mantras for a 
 happier life

yes we are a perfect match!

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