“Having my children changed the course of my career. They made me realize that my participation as a litigation attorney in a broken family law court system was destroying children, people, families, and the World. Solace began with a thought... 'there has to be a better way to do this' and has grown into a loving, mindful, respectful way to divorce that I am proud to attribute to my children.”

Jen Mitchell

It is such an honor to connect with you through our website. It is my life’s passion to help couples restructure from their broken “married” relationship to a successful “friendship” and “co-parenting” relationship, with a solid foundation of communication, trust, and respect. I hope the information on our website helps calm you and provides you with valuable information to empower yourself!
I have been practicing law for 16 years and served as an Illinois litigation attorney for the first nine years. I saw the emotional, financial, mental, physical, and spiritual destruction the courtroom setting causes to people and families. Having my three children opened my soul to understanding the devastation my role as a litigation attorney was causing to children, families, people, and the negative ripple effect to the World.
For the past eight years I have been obsessed with creating a NEW way to divorce, one that is rooted in mindfulness, love, and respect and focused on empowerment and growth; helping clients use the divorce as a catalyst to change anything in their lives that is no longer serving them and to become the best co-parents they can be, raising strong, healthy, well-adjusted, and empowered children! 
My mission is to change the way people view and experience their divorce journey, helping them to use the divorce as an opportunity to learn, heal, and grow, as opposed to using the divorce as an opportunity to block and destroy.
Children are the heart of Solace. I do not want one additional child to be negatively affected by divorce. I see divorce as a very empowering experience for children and am excited to share with you some powerful narratives and activities to explore with your kids! The foundation of Solace is self-care and self-love, for you need to take good care of yourself as you are going through one of the most emotionally difficult experiences of your life. The soul of Solace is authenticity, which is loving yourself enough to share your truth in a kind and respectful manner.
I would be honored to take the Solace journey with you, and I am so excited to share the Solace secrets with you and inspire you to take control of your divorce journey by learning the 8 steps and tools necessary to MASTER your divorce. It is my heart's hope that you then apply these tools when difficult times present in your NEW life experience, because everything that happens in our lives happens FOR us, not to us. We are meant to learn and grow from every experience in our lives and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to share these tools with you!

Solace Love

The Solace mediation journey is a full-service experience that guides you through the mediation and legal process of divorce. We offer flat fees to fully manage your expectations about your financial responsibilities, and provide you with love, support, compassion, and inspiration as you transition into your NEW life experience!

The entire Solace full-service journey is a fraction of the cost of a litigated divorce, and on average takes between two to four months to complete from the first mediation session to the one and only court appearance needed to legally dissolve the bonds of matrimony and enter all mediated agreements into court orders.

Divorce is just as much an emotional process as it is a legal process. The Solace journey parcels the two apart, and focuses on each one separately, providing you with a mindful and empowering divorce experience. The Solace mediators have been through their own divorce journeys and are committed to creating a strong co-parenting relationship and family for the benefit of your own lives and the lives of your children.

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