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divorce with children

Putting Children First

Children are the heart of the Solace process. It is a choice made by each parent individually and together to allow divorce to negatively affect your children.

By utilizing the Solace process you and your spouse can fully embrace your power as the absolute BEST authorities to determine what is in the best interest of your children. You two have known them since you first learned you were pregnant and they were the size of a pencil tip. You know your children better than anyone else!
Embrace your power! You do NOT need to relinquish this power by allowing attorneys to speak for you, and a random stranger, seated and elevated in the front of the courtroom, wearing a robe, and answering to the name of “Judge” make decisions regarding your children for you.

Solace mediators help you successfully restructure from a broken “marriage” relationship to a forever “co-parenting” relationship by creating a solid foundation of communication, trust, and respect.

we focus on the children

You are always a family… just a different family than you were before.
Embrace your power and take control of your divorce journey. You can do hard things!

Co Parenting Tips for Back to School

The Heart of Solace is Children