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Divorce is the same emotional experience for every human being. The way each individual human reacts and responds to the emotional experience is different, and is based upon the belief system, habits, patterns, thoughts, and actions of the person.
Solace serves every person everywhere in need of valuable and life-changing information as they navigate through their life journey and find themselves facing divorce. The Solace journey is one of love and empowerment and helping people navigate through the process in a manner helping them to learn more about themselves, heal from past traumas and experiences that are blocking them, and grow into the person they are meant to be!
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If you have found yourself disconnected romantically from your spouse and have realized that divorce is the best path for you in your life experience, then you cannot afford to not take this Mastermind. It does not matter if you are in the court system getting a divorce, outside of court trying to figure things out on your own, or starting to think about getting a divorce... Divorce Mastery will remove all the smoke and mirrors surrounding divorce and guiding you through your journey of healing.

The Solace Healing and Growing Circles take you on a unique, supportive, and spiritually energizing journey that is focused on shifting the way you are viewing and experiencing your family law issue, from one of destruction and failure to one of empowerment and growth.
Every Wednesday,
Lunch Hour 12-1pm, $10.00 per Person
Every Sunday, 11:00am-12pm, $5.00 per Family

Solace understands that divorce and separation is not just about the couple, it also impacts the couple’s children, extended families, circles of friends, colleagues, and every other person in connection with them throughout the process.
Solace wholeheartedly provides their clients with the love, resources, tools, skills, and knowledge necessary to learn, heal, and grow from their family law conflict.

Revolutionizing the experience of divorce one family at a time.

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When I felt lost during my separation, tuning into Jen's podcast was a light in the darkness.


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